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A Little About Us

This is the place, where all the bowling fans can get together to discuss the most important bowls-related issues, recent news and events they are interested in. The Association is Ireland-based and offers lots of privileges to its registered members.

The major goal of the Association is to promote the popularity of bowling in Ireland and boost the awareness of the local residents of the game. With this purpose, we organize and hold annual competitions and championships, select and arrange the teams that take part in these sports events, which are highlighted on many adobe muse websites, as well as cooperate with other bowling associations across the globe.

Our History

The Irish Bowling Association has years of glorious history it is proud of. We started as a team of bowling fans, who had strong passion for bowls and the desire to popularize the game with the residents of Ireland. We’ve organized and held hundreds of competitions since that time and we don’t plan to stop at this.

<span style="font-weight: bold;">1981</span><br>
was founded
<span style="font-weight: bold;">300</span>
<span style="font-weight: bold;">250</span>
affiliate clubs

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Bowling is Fun

  • Bowling can be played year round and you don’t have to worry about extreme heat or extreme cold
  • Bowling is a professional sport that encourages flexibility, strength and good hand-eye coordination 
  • Bowling is a social sport that you can share good conversation and laughter while you play 
  • Bowling can be played your entire life and everyone from the grandparents to the very youngest of children can play 
  • Bowling teaches patience, sportsmanship, and how to work with a team
  • Bowling is can burn about 50 calories per game
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