About Us

This is the place, where all the bowling fans can get together to discuss the most important bowls-related issues, recent news and events they are interested in. The Association is Ireland-based and offers lots of privileges to its registered members.

The major goal of the Association is to promote the popularity of bowling in Ireland and boost the awareness of the local residents of the game. With this purpose, we organize and hold annual competitions and championships, select and arrange the teams that take part in these sports events as well as cooperate with other bowling associations across the globe.

We currently have several affiliates in other countries of the world and more than 250 clubs that cooperate with the Association. For all those bowling fans, who are just going to join us to become the members of the Irish Bowling Association, we are ready to guarantee top notch servicing and lots of useful benefits that matter a lot for any fan of this intriguing and exciting game. By joining us, you will stay informed of all the news and events that happen in the world of professional bowling. You will be able to find the location of the club, which is the nearest one to your place of residence - the one you can visit any time of the day. You can look through the online calendar of the upcoming bowling events to use it to your advantage. You will also have a chance to discuss your favorite sports game with co-thinkers, who are fond of it as much as you do! So, go and join us the sooner - the better!